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The Stepping Stones Community of Practice (CoP) is a fantastic international network made up of over 1,000 members across 100 countries worldwide. We are all passionate about tackling HIV and gender issues in our communities. Today the Stepping Stones training package on gender, HIV, communication and relationship skills is used across every continent and has been translated into around 30 languages. The Stepping Stones International Community of Practice is supported and coordinated by the Salamander Trust, which is a registered charity

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 This website is for people who want to find out more about the Stepping Stones training package, how it works and who can benefit. Click here to see a 3 minute video about the package. Or you can see our annual Stepping Stones progress report for 2011 - 2012 to read more about our achievements.

It provides information on how to obtain the original Stepping Stones Training manual and video as well as many different adaptations and translations of the Manual. We also provide details of individuals and organisations that are able to deliver Stepping Stones training.

Read testimonies  from individuals, practitioners, policy-makers on the impact that Stepping Stones has had on their lives and the valuable contribution it has made to address the global problems linked to HIV and AIDS in the world today. 

We also provide access to a wide range of resources, including books, articles, workshop reports, impact evaluations, practical training guides, DVDs and videos.

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Order Stepping Stones Materials

To order or request copies of ‘Stepping Stones’, contact our publisher Strategies for Hope


The Strategies for Hope Trust publishes the original Stepping Stones manual and training video, in English and French.  These materials form part of a large collection of manuals, books and films about innovative strategies of HIV prevention, care and support, and related issues such as gender and food security.  Over 1 million copies of these materials have been distributed worldwide so far. 

The full ‘Stepping Stones’ training package now consists of:

- a 240-page manual

- a 70 minute training video

- the ‘Stepping Stones PLUS’ manual

- the ‘Stepping Stones Revisited’ video

To order copies of ‘Stepping Stones’ materials, please click here.  Organisations in sub-Saharan Africa that cannot afford to purchase these materials may request free copies by contacting the Series Editor, Strategies for Hope Trust: sfh@stratshope.org .

 "For every worn, rain-splattered copy of Stepping Stones that is in circulation, there are thousands of people that have benefited from it. This enduring manual has been passed around, copied, memorized and acted out in countless communities, who are hungry for its clear information and empowering, learning-centred approach to HIV and AIDS education. As a result, communities have been mobilized, lives saved and hope restored."

Laura Van Vuuren, Medical Teams International, Seattle, USA 

 Stepping Stones has changed so many lives… and its principles have been adapted to other activities… If there is a way for me to propagate Stepping Stones, I will do it because I believe in the objectives and results of Stepping Stones. 

Juan-Cristobal, Philippines


Resource pages available: 54