This website is about the Stepping Stones training materials on gender, generation, HIV, communication and relationship skills. You can find out about the materials, how they work and who can benefit.

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The Stepping Stones materials include:

  • A wholly revised and updated version of the original Stepping Stones and Stepping Stones Plus (published 15 June 2016) This is designed for adolescents, aged 15 and upwards through adulthood.
  • Stepping Stones with Children (published 15 April 2016). This is a new programme designed for children aged 5-8, 9-14 and their caregivers.
Both programmes are published by Practical Action Publishing.


Click here to see a 5 minute film about the original workshop in Uganda. And here to see what had happened in this community 12 years on.  


Over the years, there have been many different adaptations, translations and evaluations of the Manual. This website describes these. We also provide details of individuals and organisations that can support you in providing accredited Stepping Stones training. 

How Many Manuals?

If you are considering using either the revised original Stepping Stones and Stepping Stones Plus or the new Stepping Stones with Children materials in your project, please ensure you budget for enough manuals for your facilitators.  We recommend you use four manuals for a team of four facilitators for the original programme; and six manuals for a team of three facilitators and co-facilitators for the new Stepping Stones with Children programme. The manuals are sturdy, long lasting and very modestly priced. All profits from sales go towards mitigating the increasing digital divide between those in the world who have access to resources and those who do not. 

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